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We have several different solutions on offer to give your site an undeniable web presence. We are Internet visibility experts and can propose a tailored solution for your natural search engine optimization or sponsored web marketing which will suit your budget. Proposing a wide range of keywords makes our solutions very flexible. But remember, the higher the competition is on your chosen keywords, the higher the price of your web marketing campaign.

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Our expertise and specialization in internet visibility extends to the totality of the solutions available to obtain an increased traffic, attract potential customers and improve sales by generating a traffic targeted on your business core. Don’t forget to specify which services would be adapted to what your needs or ask one of our advisers to contact you for personal guidance and advice in this question.

The importance of keywords

The choice of keywords or expression on which you would like us to position your site is what determines the cost of your natural or sponsored web marketing. Don’t forget that the tougher the competition on a keyword or expression is, the higher will be the final price. In natural SEO, a keen competition means more work for our web marketing experts and in sponsored web marketing competition means a higher cost per click (CPC).

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