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Staying number 1 for a long time…
Maliboo // Experts in natural search engine optimization since 2002
A closer look at natural SEO

The promotion of a website and its search engine visibility is neither magic nor improvisation. The strategies of the Maliboo agencies work because every step on the way towards the optimization of your website and its search engine visibility has been tested in our SEO laboratory - they have a proven efficiency. These methods gives us an impressive rate of satisfied customers, and it isn’t without reason : 100% of our clients achieve rankings on the first Google result page on keywords they requested when we started our work. Our SEO secrets? Our efficiency and dedication for each and every one of our clients.

Why leave your website in our hands ?

Choosing Maliboo for you search engine optimization is to assure your success. Our methods work, they have been tested and approved and have lead a great number of our clients on the way to success. Visibility is the key to prosper on the internet and efficient search engine optimization is the only way to improve your visibility and web presence. Optimization also means to obtain a targeted traffic with more visitors and to increase your sales. Our objective is to give your site the visibility it needs to succeed.

Our SEO strategy ?

The first step is an in-depth analysis of your website, where we will pay special attention to its online popularity and its technical structure. We will then proceed to choosing, together with you, the keywords that generate a well-targeted traffic that matches your business and that are adapted to the most popular searches. After this, you will receive your first ranking report.

The next step is to begin the optimization of your website. We will focus on localizing and attending to the problems that might hinder a favorable natural search engine optimization, this way we make sure to start from a sound base. The daily work of improving your internet visibility will start. Each month you will receive a report with your search engine ranking where you can see your site’s increased prominence on keywords in different search engines, with a natural focus on the Google result pages. You will also be in regular contact with your SEO agent who can keep you up to date on all the details about your increased web presence, your site’s ranking and its future prospects.

The impact on your site

Some of our clients have seen a tenfold multiplication of their traffic and, as for the online stores, their sales have exploded. Thanks to our web marketing agency our clients now have a traffic that makes their sites a web presence that can’t be denied.

Why wait any longer? We will make your site stand a must-see!

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