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Maliboo // your campaign partner in all sponsored web marketing SEM
A closer look at SEM, sponsored search engine marketing and pay-per-click

Search engine marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) is the ideal solution if you need immediate visibility. When you search on the Internet, on a search engine like Google, you can see 10 results shown because of their “natural” optimization as well as a column of links to the right with so called “sponsored links” (Google Adwords). On keywords with lots of competition you can see a result box (with 1 to 3 results) on a pink background, these results are also sponsored. It is only when someone clicks on these links that the owner of the sponsored link is charged. The conversion can easily be measured and a good administration can allow you to be present on all the keywords that are necessary for your business.

Why leave your website in our hands ?

Our strategies of paid link administration have proven their efficiency all through our long experience. Our auction expertise allows us to greatly reduce the cost of your investment. The price of our competence will be more than compensated by the profit made in cost per click. When we take over the administration of sponsored links, earlier handled by our clients, we often manage to divide the CPC by 3, 4 or even 5 times compared to what they were originally paying. And this is without counting the time you can use to develop your business rather than trying to make your sponsored links profitable and administrating these commercial links.

Our SEM strategy ?

Our methods are no secret; they involve working time, patience and above all, a dedication for each and every one of our clients. We will target your business core while working on covering an as wide range of keywords and expressions in your field as possible. We will work on dividing your advertisement by themes, paying special attention to the keyword auctions in order to obtain the best ranking at the lowest price. We will conduct daily analyses of the return on your investment, modify and adapt your parameters to enhance the performance of your advertisement campaign and expand your presence on the keywords and expressions that count. These techniques will give you a visibility that can’t be denied.

The impact on your site

After only a few weeks of work on your web marketing campaign you will be able to measure the efficiency of a sponsored links. Your internet traffic will increase exponentially, your sales will boost and your reputation will take a leap forward. Don’t wait any longer, develop your business today!

 Interested ?

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What is SEM ?

SEM or Search engine marketing is the professional term for a type of web marketing that advertises sites by increasing their search engine visibility thanks to an investment in paid, so called sponsored, links. The major SEM operators are Google Adwords, Yahoo !, Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.
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